These Vegetables Could Lower Your Risk of Developing Cavities

Vegetables help dental cavities

Cavities are small holes in your teeth caused by tooth decay. A cavity starts out small but always progresses, meaning it will get worse over time. Early cavities usually won’t have any symptoms, but as your cavity gets larger, you may experience tooth sensitivity, a toothache, or even develop a tooth infection. The good news is that with the right […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry Before Your Wedding Day

cosmetic dentistry

Getting married is one of the most important days of many peoples’ lives. This event is usually marked by gathering of friends and family, and pictures to commemorate the occasion. Preparing for your wedding day includes more than booking the venue, hiring a caterer, and sending out invitations. A wedding is an opportunity for many people to […]

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Don’t Ignore lll Fitting Dentures


Dentures are cost-effective and realistic-looking replacements for your natural teeth. Available in both full or partial sets, dentures are designed to allow you to chew and smile as you would with your normal teeth. Full sets are held in place by creating a natural suction between your gums and the dentures, which contain artificial teeth and gum tissue. […]

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Tricks to Fight Sugar Cravings (And Keep Your Teeth Healthy!)

Reducing added sugar in your diet can have a range of health benefits, and not just for your body. Your oral health can benefit from less sugar, and you’ll likely see less plaque buildup, fewer cavities, and a lower risk of gum disease with this diet change! But decreasing the amount of added sugar in your diet isn’t easy […]

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What Is Peri-Implantitis?

Dental implants

Peri-implantitis is a condition that causes inflammation around a dental implant. In peri- implantitis, both your gum tissue and the bone surrounding the implant are affected. In peri-implant mucositis, only the gum tissue experiences inflammation but the bone remains unaffected. While dental implants are meant to last a lifetime, peri-implantitis can affect the health and longevity of […]

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Is There a Correct Way to Brush and Floss?

Dental Health

Cleaning your teeth is a practice you likely don’t give much thought to on a daily basis. For many of us, brushing and flossing our teeth has become so routine that we do it without thinking. However, hopefully you’re brushing twice a day and flossing once a day to keep your teeth clean and healthy! But is there […]

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Successful case study of a patient with TMJ.


After dealing with chronic painful jaw stiffness and intermittent clicking noises since her teenage years, Lauren finally sought help for her jaw pain with Dr. Hoang at DC Dental Spa. Now in her late 20s, Lauren says she began experiencing a stiff jaw in her teens, likely when her jaw was finishing developing after puberty. […]

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What Is a Partially Erupted Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom Teeth & Extractions

Wisdom teeth are your third molars that are the last teeth to emerge in the mouth. Most people will see their wisdom teeth appear in their late teens, but some not until their 20s. For others still, these third molars never fully erupt through the gumline, leading to what’s called impacted wisdom teeth. It’s possible to have […]

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We can help you too with an Emergency Dental Appointment!

Emergency Appointment Dr. Hoang

Trayvon was playing basketball with friends when a stray basketball hit him in the face. At the time, Trayvon was receiving orthodontic treatment and had metal braces—and the blow caused a severe cut to his gum tissue. The bleeding wouldn’t stop, and Trayvon needed to be seen as soon as possible. Instead of going to […]

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