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Sinus Lift
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Sinus Lift

Have you been told you don’t qualify for dental implants? DC Dental Spa provides sinus lift procedures to help patients increase space and bone density for dental implants.

A sinus lift is surgery that adds bone to your upper jaw in the area above your molars and premolars. It is sometimes called a maxillary sinus floor augmentation, sinus augmentation or a sinus graft. Bone is added between your jaw and these maxillary sinuses, which are on both sides of your nose. To make room for the bone, the sinus membrane needs to be moved upward, or lifted.

The maxillary sinuses are behind your cheeks and above your upper teeth. These sinuses are air-filled spaces. Some of the roots of your natural upper teeth can extend up into the maxillary sinuses. When these upper teeth are extracted, there is just a thin wall of bone separating this sinus and your mouth. Dental implants need jawbone to hold them in place. When your sinus wall is very thin, it is impossible to place dental implants.

The key to a successful dental implant is the both the quality and quantity of jawbone to which the implant will be attached. If your bone loss has occurred due to periodontal disease or an injury, a sinus lift can raise the sinus floor and allow for new bone formation. A sinus lift is one of the most common bone grafting procedures if you have bone loss in your upper jaw. The procedure will seek to grow bone in the floor of your maxillary sinus above the bony ridge of your gum line that anchors the teeth in the upper jaw. By strengthening and growing bone in this location, dental implants can be now be successfully placed and secured.

Our thorough and attentive team at DC Dental Spa are quite deliberate when it comes evaluating whether a sinus lift is beneficial for you. We will use both the latest in advanced technology as well as our friendly atmosphere to help us evaluate your situation. Call 202-333-9282 for your initial consultation and let us help you determine if a sinus lift will improve your oral health.

Are You a Candidate for a Sinus Lift Procedure?

A sinus lift may be beneficial if you:

  • are missing more than one tooth in the back of your jaw.
  • are missing teeth due to a birth defect or condition.
  • are missing a significant amount of bone in the back of your jaw.
  • are missing most of the maxillary teeth and need support for dental implants.
  • previously had trauma or damage in your jawbone.
  • had a cyst or tumor in that area.
  • suffered periodontitis and bone loss.
  • have missing tooth/teeth and the bone has receded (40-60% of the bone structure is lost in the tooth socket within the first three years).
  • have a large sinus cavity.
  • have a thin jawbone.

How is this Oral Surgery Accomplished?

To begin, DC Dental Spa will consult you on your needs and assess if you are a candidate for a sinus lift. This is done with X-rays and a special type of computer tomography (CT) to allows us to accurately evaluate the condition of your sinus cavity.

In a sinus lift procedure, a small incision is made on the premolar or molar region to expose your jawbone. A small oval window opening is then cut into the bone, and the membrane that lines the sinus is pushed upward. The underlying space is then filled with bone grafting material. After the bone graft is implanted, the incision is sutured closed and the healing process begins. After a few months of healing, the bone will become part of your jaw and the dental implant titanium posts can be inserted and stabilized in this new sinus bone. If there is enough bone between your upper jaw ridge and the bottom of the sinus to stabilize the implant, sinus lifts and the implant placement can sometimes be performed as a single procedure.

The sinus graft makes it possible for many patients to have dental implants when years ago there was no other option besides wearing loose dentures. If we suggest that you need a sinus lift before getting implants, there is no need to worry. Sinus lift surgery is a common procedure that will make it possible for you to have implants even after suffering bone loss.

We would like to emphasize again, that not everyone who gets molar or premolar teeth implants will need sinus augmentation. Nonetheless, it is a common procedure. It is important to note that this procedure should not be done while you have active allergies.

After your Sinus Lift Surgery

Immediately after your sinus lift you may experience discomfort and some swelling in the area. You may have some bleeding from your mouth or nose as well. You should not blow your nose or sneeze forcefully while you are recovering from your sinus surgery. If bleeding continues for more than two days, or pain and swelling get worse, you should contact us immediately.

We will give you a prescription medication to protect against infection in the sinuses. If you tend to have allergies, your sinus lift needs to be scheduled for a time of year when allergies are less common.

After your sinus, we need to wait a few months for the bony material to harden and integrate with your jaw. Depending on how fast you heal, dental implants may be placed in as little as four months.

​ High Quality Care You Can Trust

At DC Dental Spa our downtown office staff will address your situation and will work to accommodate your busy schedule. Our entire staff understands your objectives and shares in your positive results and satisfaction. We also enjoy the gratification that comes with the ongoing development of relationships with all our patients. We respect the trust that we have earned from you. We are very patient, thoughtful, and compassionate about exercising preventative overall dental health and delivering the enjoyment that comes with your healthy smile. Visit us today at DC Dental Spa, 730 24th St. NW, Suite 9, Washington, DC, 20037, or call 202-333-9282 for an evaluation and consultation to see if a sinus lift might be best for you in addressing your future dental care.

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