Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

You may need a bone graft if your jawbone has been compromised due to missing teeth or severe gum disease. At DC Dental Spa, our specialists can conduct your bone graft procedure to help restore your jawbone density.

Proper jawbone density is important for supporting your natural teeth. When bone in the jaw—also called alveolar bone—is reabsorbed by the body, it has the potential to create problems with your smile.

Lack of alveolar bone can also contribute to a sunken facial appearance, which is part of the reason why some people who are missing their natural teeth can appear more aged than those who have all their teeth.

Fortunately, our team at DC Dental Spa can help you restore lost bone in your jaw in a procedure called bone grafting. During a bone graft, we take bone from another part of your body, or else from a donor or an artificial bone, and place it in your jaw in a minor procedure. Grafting material can come in different forms that can be inserted under the gum tissue with a syringe, making it a minimally-invasive process.

You may need bone grafting if there’s not enough supporting bone in your jaw for a dental implant, or you’re at risk to lose your natural teeth due to another condition such as gum disease.

Bone grafting can be done at our practice in DC. An incision is made in your gum, then the bone material is added underneath. In the following months, your body will build new bone in the area where the graft was done.

A bone graft is essentially used to encourage your body to regenerate jawbone in the areas where you need it most. The procedure requires local anesthesia, and while you may experience some soreness afterward, it can usually be managed with over-the-counter medication.

As a minor procedure, you can expect to return to your normal activities within a couple days, although strenuous physical exercise should be avoided for several days. Your dentist can let you know more about what to expect during your consultation for a bone graft!

Building new jawbone via a bone graft can help you retain your natural teeth after gum disease or extraction, and increase your candidacy for dental implants.

A bone graft may also be used to repair bone that’s missing or compromised due to trauma. Other benefits of getting a jawbone graft include:

· More replacement options. A bone graft can help increase your candidacy for not just dental implants, but also other forms of restoration dentistry such as bridges and dentures.
· Retain your appearance. With a jawbone graft, you can help prevent the sunken or aged appearance that often comes with missing teeth.
· Keep your beautiful smile. Since a jawbone graft gives you more replacement options and helps your body regenerate its natural bone, it can help prevent shifting of teeth that come with missing or loose teeth as the result of gum disease or tooth loss.

Have questions about bone grafting? Get in touch with our professional team.

If you’ve been told you don’t have enough supporting bone in your jaw for a dental implant or are concerned about your appearance following missing teeth, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at DC Dental Spa. We can schedule a consultation to talk more about the possibility of a bone graft to support the health and appearance of your smile! Call us today at (202) 873-1054.

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