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Snap-On Smile
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Snap-On Smile

Get Ready to See Your New Smile Design With

Snap-On Smile is a new type of removable dental veneer that allows you to dramatically change the appearance of your teeth with a quick, non-invasive, painless, and easy solution. Snap-On Smile is a temporary smile design that is made from an acrylic material that easily snaps over your natural teeth. They can be used for your special events, or it can be used to try on a smile design to see if it works before investing in a more permanent option.

You want your smile to look its best, and at times you want a quick, effective, and simple solution. Our creative and compassionate team at DC Dental Spa now offers Snap-On Smile, one of the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry. We will use this advanced technology combined with our friendly atmosphere to evaluate the factors to achieve your optimum smile. Call 202-333-9282 for your initial consultation and let us help you decide whether a Snap on Smile will meet your goals in smile improvement.

WHY consider a SNAP-ON SMILE?

No drilling, no shots, and no adhesives. Of course, you can even eat while wearing your Snap on Smile appliance. If you are looking for a non-invasive, reversible, and affordable approach to a restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedure than you are an excellent candidate for a Snap-On Smile. It is a quick, easy, and a budget-friendly solution for you if you want your smile to look better, feel better and function better. In addition, if you have been told that you are not a good candidate for bridges or implants, the Snap-On Smile could be an alternative to standard partial dentures.

Patients that have tried a Snap-On Smile report an immediate boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem. Most of them are impressed with the natural look and feel of Snap-On Smile and are grateful for the brief time it takes, about two weeks, to achieve such life-changing results. This is a solution that has given them the smile they have dreamed of without having to spend a fortune to get it.

How does Snap-On Smile work?

The Snap-On Smile solution is created using unique, proprietary, high-tech dental resin. This resin is used to form extremely thin, but extraordinarily strong devices that snap on over the top of your existing natural teeth. There is no prep work on your natural teeth, and you can have your new smile in two appointments. This is an economical solution that you can snap on over your natural teeth, covering up chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, transforming a normal smile to a beautiful smile. The proprietary formula ensures that we can give you this kind of technological advancement in the form of a solution that is durable, beautiful and fits properly.

Here is how the actual process works:

  • Have an impression taken of your teeth.
  • Pick the style and the shade of your new Snap on Smile.
  • Return to our office to have your new set of teeth fitted.
  • Snap your teeth in place and enjoy the appearance of your improved smile.

It will take about three weeks for your Snap on Smile to be custom fabricated to fit your teeth and jaw perfectly. We will then have you return for a brief appointment for your new set of teeth. Because the Snap on Smile works by fitting over your natural teeth, and because we will custom create this solution for you, you will have a perfect smile that is designed specifically for your mouth. Therefore, no one should be able to tell that you are wearing a dental prosthetic or that your teeth are not 100 percent natural.

Dental Problems Corrected by a Snap-On Smile

At DC Dental Spa we use this solution to –

  • Cover your stained teeth.
  • Give you a brilliantly white smile.
  • Close gaps between your teeth.
  • Visibly restore your teeth that are cracked or chipped.
  • Make your teeth appear even in their size and shape.
  • Give you the appearance of a full set of teeth, even when some are missing.

Wearing a Snap on Smile can be a life-changing experience. It can give you back the confidence to smile. There are really no limitations to who can get a Snap on Smile because it is both affordable and non-invasive. There is no surgery to get anxious, no anesthesia, and no complicated dental work necessary, all factors that can stymie so many people from improving their smile. A sizeable number of America adults are afraid of drilling and shots and other aspects of receiving a dental restoration. However, with a Snap-On Smile you do not have to deal with any of these issues.

Caring for Your Snap-On Smile

The unique cleaning solution for your Snap on Smile appliance is only available through our office, DC Dental Spa. When you purchase your supplies from us you will also receive specific oral health care instructions for your new appliance. It is always important to continue to exercise proper oral hygiene habits for your natural teeth. Brush twice a day for two minutes each time and floss at least once. Your Snap on Smile will not make your natural teeth immune from plaque, bacteria, and infections. This is also true for the care of your gums.

High Quality Care You Can Trust

At DC Dental Spa our downtown office will be flexible and work to accommodate your busy schedule. The entire staff not only loves the results and satisfaction from a Smile Design program but also the gratification that comes with the continued development of strong and lasting relationships with each of our patients. We love the trust that you place in us. We are very thoughtful and patient about exercising preventative overall dental health and delivering the enjoyment that comes with your healthy smile. Visit us today at DC Dental Spa, 730 24th St. NW, Suite 9, Washington, DC, 20037, or call 202-333-9282 for an evaluation and consultation to address how a new set of Snap on Smile teeth will improve your smile immediately and affordably, impacting your quality of life.

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