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Smile Design
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Smile Design

Smile Design is a treatment that is designed specifically to address your functional and cosmetic needs. This treatment is based on several contributing factors.

  • The basic size of your teeth, your gums, and your lips.
  • Your weight, your height, your skin color.
  • The shape and size of various facial features such as your eyes, nose, and chin.

The primary focus of the Smile Design treatment is to maintain the function of your smile at the highest level.

Our creative team at DC Dental Spa are artistic when it comes to applying Smile Design. We use advanced technology combined with our friendly atmosphere to evaluate the factors to achieve your optimum smile. Call 202-333-9282 for your initial consultation and let us help you achieve a Smile Design together.

Who Is a Candidate for This Treatment?

The best aspect of the Smile Design that we provide at DC Dental Spa is that everyone is a good candidate for the treatment. If you wish to look younger, the Smile Design treatment can take several years off your general appearance. This treatment is ideal if you want to invest in your dental health

If you want to be confident when you smile, this treatment will instill more self-confidence. Studies have shown that having a healthy smile, an attractive or enhanced smile will help you with any personal endeavors, social encounters, and career advancement.

You are a good candidate for this treatment if you attend dental checkups and practice good preventative oral hygiene. The Smile Design treatment will enhance the results that you already have. You will be able to view before and after photos before any dental procedure is started, which will allow you to make an informed decision. Even though we want to provide you with the perfect smile, the decision is entirely up to you.

Different Procedures as a Result of Smile Design

We can recommend many different dental procedures depending on the results of the Smile Design process. These procedures may include:

  • Dental fillings
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Teeth whitening
  • Various procedures that can provide a deep teeth cleaning

With the digital Smile Design, the impressions that are taken of your teeth are performed digitally. The impressions that we take during this treatment to assist with the creation of your Smile Design occur with a digital imaging technique, which can be completed in under two minutes. If you need a crown or bridge as a part of your dental treatment with Smile Design, the digital technology that we use ensures that the fitting of the bridge or crown is more accurate.

You can Preview Your Smile Design Makeover

Anticipation can be wonderful, and the delayed gratification is satisfying. But the apprehension can be stressful. You want to improve your teeth, but you are worried about the outcome. Digital Smile Design brings your personalized smile makeover to life, so you can see exactly how you will look with those porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants, and more. Your smile is as unique as your fingerprints. There may be multiple options for correcting your teeth and being able to see how each one of them looks will help you feel more confident about your final choice.

Take Advantage of the Technology Behind Digital Smile Design

The digital Smile Design software available at DC Dental Spa lets you:

  • Visualize what your smile will look like when finished.
  • Learn more about the treatment you will undergo.
  • Understand how and why your dental work is done.
  • View several options for improving your smile.
  • Share your potential smile makeover to others if you wish.

When you can now live with your decision before you make it a reality, you will feel more confident about sitting in the dental chair and undergoing your smile makeover. In fact, you will be looking forward to the new you.

Visualize a New Smile for Yourself

A wonderful side effect of digital Smile Design is that it allows you to see just how much can be done to improve your smile. Or, how little needs to be done to get you the white, flawless smile you want. Your smile always has potential, and your teeth can be fixed.

Digital Smile Design will show you that you can easily get rid of:

  • Discoloration and Stains.
  • Damaged teeth like chips and cracks.
  • Missing teeth.
  • Crooked teeth.

You do not have to live with these imperfections. A digital Smile Design will let you see your smile with these imperfections corrected.

What Does the Smile Design Process Look Like at DC Dental Spa?

The Smile Design process at DC Dental Spa is an extensive process that mainly involves the personal customization of a treatment plan that will take all your dental needs into account. At the initial consultation we will discuss your cosmetic dental goals and to determine with the Smile Design how to address the dental problems that you currently have. This consultation provides you with a more informed look at what the actual treatment process entails.

Before we tackle the issues with your smile, we will address all underlying dental diseases to ensure that these health problems do not cause additional issues. The treatment timeline that we create for you will be tailored entirely to your schedule, which means that the overall number of appointments will be kept to a minimum.

Before any treatment is started, we will have your entire Smile Design plan in place to ensure that the treatments follow the guidelines. The duration of treatment all depends on the types of procedures that you require to perfect your smile. If you already have a good bite with teeth that are healthy and clean, the entire treatment could only take several weeks. However, it is possible for this treatment to take as long as 8-12 months if numerous alterations and corrections must be made to improve your smile.

High Quality Care You Can Trust

At DC Dental Spa our downtown office will be flexible and work to accommodate your busy schedule. The entire staff not only loves the results and satisfaction from a Smile Design program but also the gratification that comes with the continued development of strong and lasting relationships with each of our patients. We love the trust that you place in us. We are very thoughtful and patient about exercising preventative overall dental health and delivering the enjoyment that comes with your healthy smile. Visit us today at DC Dental Spa, 730 24th St. NW, Suite 9, Washington, DC, 20037, or call 202-333-9282 for an evaluation and consultation to address how a digital Smile Design can bring you satisfaction in improving your smile and your overall quality of life.



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