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If you're experiencing persistent tooth pain or sensitivity, a root canal might be the solution to save your tooth. At DC Dental Spa, located in Washington, DC, our compassionate and skilled team is dedicated to providing you with expert care. We strive to make the root canal treatment as comfortable and stress-free as possible, utilizing advanced techniques to remove infection and restore your oral health.

Benefits Of Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Choosing a root canal over tooth extraction has significant advantages :

  • Eliminates pain caused by infection or inflammation in the tooth's pulp.

  • Saves your natural tooth, maintaining your smile and preventing the need for costly replacements.

  • Removes infection, reducing the risk of further dental problems.

What To Expect During A Root Canal

What to Expect During a Root Canal

  • Diagnosis and X-rays : Our DC dentist will examine the tooth and take X-rays to determine the extent of the infection.

  • Pulp Removal : The infected pulp is removed, and the root canals are carefully cleaned and disinfected.

  • Filling and Restoration : The cleaned canals are filled and sealed, and a crown or filling is placed to restore the tooth's structure and function.

At DC Dental Spa in Washington, DC, our team ensures that each step of the root canal procedure is handled with the utmost precision and care, ensuring your comfort and successful recovery. We aim to save your tooth while preventing future complications, allowing you to smile confidently. Contact us today to Book a consultation and regain your oral health with our professional root canal treatment.

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