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Invisalign Patient Case Study: Correcting Liz’s Gapped Teeth

Smile & Bright Teeth

Liz came to DC Dental Spa for a regular checkup, but also had concerns about her gapped teeth. Her smile had visible gaps that, for her entire adult life, she had tried to hide by not showing her teeth when she smiled. Her insecurity about her teeth had worsened since she’d recently been promoted at her job where she had to interact with people all day. 

She and Dr. Hoang discussed the possibility of correcting the gaps in her teeth with Invisalign, a clear aligner system that straightens teeth without traditional metal braces. Liz scheduled a separate consultation to determine if she would qualify for this discreet form of orthodontic treatment to close the gaps in her teeth for a more uniform smile.

During the consultation, Dr. Hoang was able to create a digital presentation of how Invisalign would improve Liz’s smile with state-of-the-art iTero scanner technology, as well as estimate her treatment time. With iTero technology, Liz could see exactly what her teeth would look like post-treatment.

Not only did Liz qualify for Invisalign, but this form of treatment was ideal for her professional life where she didn’t want clients and coworkers to know she was receiving orthodontic treatment. Liz’s treatment time was also short—her entire Invisalign therapy took just eight months.

After her treatment, Liz’s self-confidence had noticeably changed. She showed up to her appointments at DC Dental Spa with a wide smile, brimming with confidence, and was more talkative and seemed happier. 

Liz is very happy with the results of her Invisalign treatment, and Dr. Hoang was able to make her therapy as straightforward as possible with minimal maintenance visits for her busy professional life. 

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