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At DC Dental Spa in Washington, DC, we understand the importance of healthy gums for maintaining a beautiful smile. Our gum grafting services are designed to treat gum recession, restore lost gum tissue, and protect the roots of your teeth. This procedure can significantly improve oral health and prevent further complications while enhancing the appearance of your smile.

Benefits Of Gum Grafting

Benefits of Gum Grafting

Gum grafting offers several important benefits for those experiencing gum recession :

  • Protects Tooth Roots

  • Improves Smile Aesthetics

  • Prevents Further Recession

How Gum Grafting Works At Dc Dental Spa

How Gum Grafting Works at DC Dental Spa

  • Consultation and Diagnosis : At DC Dental Spa, we take a personalized approach to your gum health. Our dental team assesses your specific needs and discusses your goals to create a tailored treatment plan for your gum grafting procedure.

  • Tissue Harvesting : Tissue for the graft is taken either from the roof of your mouth or a donor source.

  • Grafting Procedure : The new tissue is carefully positioned over the affected area and secured, encouraging natural healing and integration.

Choose DC Dental Spa in Washington, DC, for expert gum grafting that will improve both your oral health and the look of your smile. Our experienced team is committed to providing gentle, effective treatment to help you achieve healthy gums and a confident smile. Contact us today to Schedule your consultation and learn how gum grafting can benefit you.

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