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Don’t Ignore lll Fitting Dentures


Dentures are cost-effective and realistic-looking replacements for your natural teeth. Available in both full or partial sets, dentures are designed to allow you to chew and smile as you would with your normal teeth.

Full sets are held in place by creating a natural suction between your gums and the dentures, which contain artificial teeth and gum tissue. Some people may need an adhesive to help the dentures feel secure, but for the most part, the natural seal does all the work.

With partial sets, a metal framework holds one or more artificial teeth in place. With either full or partial dentures, a secure and comfortable fit is a must for proper function. If your dentures don’t fit correctly, they can cause more than discomfort. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore ill fitting dentures!

An article by Dr. Rex Hoang. Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.

Read the full article here: Don’t Ignore Ill Fitting Dentures

One thought on “Don’t Ignore lll Fitting Dentures

  1. I am 80 years old , I think I need to replace the upper dentures. Do you do dentures. I do not want an inplants

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