Root Canal Therapy

beauty-1721069_640Root canal therapy has a reputation for being pretty scary, but it really does not deserve it. For the majority of patients, having the procedure done is no more painful than other minor dental procedures. In fact, most of the discomfort is experienced due to infection before the root canal, not during the treatment itself.

The therapy may be necessary when the nerve tissue or pulp of a tooth is damaged. When the area is injured, bacteria may start to form within the pulp chamber. An abscessed or infected tooth may be the result of a serious infection. Patients may also experience swelling that spreads to the face, head or neck, bone loss in the area of the root and drainage problems.

“I had a huge hole in my tooth and I just put off going to the dentist. Finally, the pain became excruciating and I really needed help. Dr. Hoang eased my anxiety about the process and explained everything clearly to me once I found out I needed root canal therapy to save the tooth. Now, the hole is gone and my smile has never been better!”

—Gregory, DuPont Circle

After letting a cavity go untreated for years, Gregory finally came in to see Dr. Hoang. “I have anxiety about going to the dentist and just ignored the problem, which of course, didn’t help,” he says.

Dr. Hoang was able to examine his tooth and perform root canal therapy to alleviate the pain and permanently fix the tooth. Now, Gregory doesn’t need to have his tooth replaced and he says his mouth is back to normal.

“I can finally bite and chew again without this big hole in my mouth. Dr. Hoang helped me with a few other things with my smile as well—I’ll definitely be coming back!”

Signs that you may need a root canal include feeling significant pain when chewing or the application of pressure, sensitivity to temperatures, gum tenderness, discoloration or gum swelling. Some patients also develop recurring pimples on their gums.



During root canal therapy, your dentist will numb the affected area and drill a hole in the tooth using a special tool. Any bacteria and decayed pulp or nerve tissue will be removed before the tooth is cleaned and sealed. A filling will be applied to cover the hole, and any further tooth restorations will be completed as necessary.


At DC Dental Spa, we take great care to ensure the comfort of our patients during all procedures, including root canal therapy. To learn more about root canal treatments or to schedule an appointment, please refer to our Dental Health Center, and for appointment requests or if our dental team can be of service, please call (202) 759-2434 or contact us via email.