General Dentistry & Check Ups

family-521551_640Seeing your dentist regularly is vitally important to your oral and overall health. Twice-yearly check ups allow your DC Dental Spa dentist to look for early signs of decay, check for dental problems that you may not feel or see and treat any oral health issues found.

During a check up, your dentist will work with a dental hygienist to examine your teeth and gums, document changes in your oral and overall health, clean and polish your teeth, talk about prevention measures and diagnose any oral health issues.

Your dentist will perform a comprehensive exam to look at the health of your teeth and gums. He or she will look for signs of decay and cavities, examine your gums and tongue, and inspect the inside of your mouth and throat.

While flossing and brushing your teeth at home helps remove plaque, the only thing that can thoroughly clean your teeth and eliminate hardened plaque on them is professional cleaning. Seeing your DC Dental Spa dentist for regular cleanings is essential to removing hardened plaque, called tartar or calculus, that can cause a host of problems, including cavities and gum disease.

Our general dentistry treatments include:

Once your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, your dentist will polish them to remove stains and more plaque. The polish is applied using a dental hand piece with a small rotating brush or rubber cup, and the polish contains both fluoride and an abrasive substance that will leave your teeth clean and protected.

Based on your exam results, your dentist may give you further instructions to follow at home. You may discuss flossing, brushing or any other general dental concerns you have.

Your dentist may take X-rays during your check up if they are necessary based on your dental history, clinical examination and risk for developing cavities.

Finally, your dentist will make treatment recommendations for any oral health issues diagnosed during the visit.

If you have questions regarding our general dentistry treatments or would like to learn more, please refer to our Dental Health Center, and for appointment requests or if our dental team can be of service, please call (202) 759-2434 or contact us via email.