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Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

DC Dental Spa invests in the latest technology to ensure all of our patients receive exceptional care, while maximizing comfort, minimizing discomfort and shortening the treatment time required.

The 3d Extraoral Imaging System

The 3D Extraoral Imaging System

This amazing piece of technology features both digital panoramic and focused-field 3D imaging modalities. It embodies an innovative and comprehensive approach by evaluating bone quality, viewing periapical lesions, localizing anatomic structures, pathologies, and more. Our dentists can use this technology to produce three dimensional (3-D) images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan.

With the unprecedented details and angles of view that our 3D radiology system offers, we are able to discover a range of new diagnostic possibilities including:

  • Endodontics

  • Implantology

  • Pathologies

  • Complex Impactions

  • …as well all surgery.

The 3d Imaging yields anatomically correct three-dimensional images directly on screen with higher resolution images at low radiation exposure.

Itero Scan – Invisalign Outcome Simulator

iTero Scan – Invisalign Outcome Simulator

iTero intraoral scanners are designed to deliver speed, reliability, intuitive operations, and outstanding visualization capabilities for our dentists. Dentists use iTero scanners to show patients the outcome of their Invisalign treatment.

What are the advantages?

  • 3X faster ClinCheck setups

  • 10X fewer rejections

  • 7X fewer fit issues

  • Better patient experience

  • Simulated outcomes for patients

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